Friday, 31 March 2017

Tiger STREATS @ Hin Bus Depot Penang


I have the opportunity and lucky to get invitation from Tiger Streats party. Tiger Streats , the unique food experience from Tiger Beer, is gearing up to take its culinary delights on the road this March. We get to try street foods with ice cold Tiger brews.  Tiger Streats event is held in Penang , Hin Bus Depot on 4th March 2017 from 5pm - 11pm . Admission is strictly open to non-Muslims and over the age of 18.

live band in the house..!!

Beside ice cold beer, Tiger did arrange some activities for guests. There are 3 games for us to play which is Tikam wall, Blind smelling, Ping Pong (Sorry there is no ping pong bat for you only kitchen utensils.) Haha.. yes you're right. Kitchen utensils include plates, bowls, spoon and many mores. 

Let me show you the games.  

Tikam Wall : you have to chose 2 numbers from the wall and pair it with others. If you're lucky enough you able to get 2 bottles of tiger for free. Above are the prizes. 

Blind Smelling : We have to smell and guess which is the answer. * they hide some garlic.. argh..!! hate that smell.* 

Ping Pong: you have to play ping pong with kitchen utensils that they provide. Never underestimate utensils . We really can play with it. Even battle 2 vs 2. 

ok, done with games, come lets move to foods. Tiger provide some Penang local foods for us. 
Varieties by Bacon It

Fried Cempedak Ice Cream by Inside Scoop

Mr Bao by Two Buns Penang 

Mamak Fries by Two Buns Penang 

Roti Aiskrim by Inside Scoop

Lo Mai Kai with a Twist by Tujo 

Pisang Goreng with Lemon Curd by Quick Brown Fox

Nachos Butter Chicken by Tujo

BBQ Ribs with Sambal Sloppy Fries by Ticklish Ribs & Wiches 

Yummitori by Ticklish Ribs & Wiches 

Curry Flavour Waffles by Fest

Lemak Chicken Sandwich by Fest 

K-Pop Maggi Goreng by Quick Brown Fox

Ok, done with the foods lets move on to local live band. 

last but not least, I can't end this post without posing our Tiger beer right? haha.. ok, now i feel like having tiger beers now, Tiger beer anyone? hahaha.. 

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

3 Days 2 Nights at Cinta Sayang Resort, Sungai Petani


Welcome, welcome to my villa and this is my living room. Ok, I'm just kidding. Let's get started. 

Friday 17 Feb 2017
Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Cinta Sayang Resort, Sungai Petani. This is their "living room" which is the lobby. Its super huge.. Their cafe and reception will be on the left. I will be staying here for 3 days 2 nights and before I start let me say this. Thank you Cinta Sayang Resort for inviting me n my bf to stay over here. We enjoy our night. 

Oh, FYI, their resort are quite big so they will provide us buggy car to travel around. 

Here's my room. We have the opportunity to stay at apartment style. Its highly recommend for big family stay but you'll have to bring your own kitchen utensil if you're planning to cook. 

2 single bed.  

 Master bedroom with queen size bed. 

Bathtub in master bedroom. 

Living room 

Another room with nice view, full length window and with a single bed. 


Oh, before I forget(bad memory..haha..) my apartment is SKY RESIDENCES. 

ok, lets move on to their cafe. Its name CS Cafe. 
We will be having dinner , next day breakfast and lunch here. 

Top left Coconut & Pumpkin soup
Top right Roasted Tomato Soup 
Bottom left Oxtail soup 
Bottom right Seafood soup 

Top left and bottom right : Smoked Salmon & Feta salad
Top right and bottom left : Crispy Prawn salad

Top Left : Grilled Beef Tenderloin
Top right : Pan-Fried Salmon
Bottom left : Grilled Lamb Rack
Bottom right : Thai platter 

Dessert Chocolate Brownie with ice-cream

Saturday 18 Feb 2017
Breakfast buffet at CS Cafe.

Next our activity Golf course. What a pleasant arrangement. I never play golf before and now I get to learn , hold the golf club and the ball. Our instructor has asked us to feel the ball. Yeah you get me " the ball". hahaha.. its golf ball not other thing ok? 
Thanks to our instructor. I get to learn something from this course. Thank you. 

Let's selfie before we start our golf learning class. 

our instructor.

ok, let's aim the hole. 

After golf course, we have the opportunity to get resort tour. 

                                                          Lunch Time!!! 
Top Left : Tomato & Basil 
Top right and bottom left : Smoked salmon salad
Bottom right : Coconut & pumpkin soup

main course for lunch 
Top left : Grilled Beef Tenderloin
Other 3 dishes : Grilled Salmon 

Chocolate or Vanilla cookies

 After our lunch, we head back to our hotel and get change and let's go to the beach. Nah.. not beach its The Carnival Water Park.

Refer the link for price and activities --> Cinta Sayang Resort Waterpark

Oh.. and I get to ride a horse. A black horse name Zorro.
Its not fun at all riding his back. I feel like im gonna fall down any minute. I'm wondering how actor or actress ride the horse with a smile when they're acting.

Anyway. Thank you Zorro for letting me ride you for one round. 

Dinner time !!
Cinta Sayang Resort had arranged us to have their steamboat buffet at Chips & Bites. Their steamboat come with unlimited seafood, ice-cream, fruits, cakes and many more.

Sunday 19 Feb 2017
Last day here, argh..!! time fly so fast that we have to check out and back to reality but before we checkout we did some random photo shot. 

Last but not least , our couple picture.